Gree Lomo 2.5kW Smart Inverter Air Conditioner with WiFi R410a Refrigerant

Item Number: GREA7312I
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Built in WiFi means you can control the Air Conditioner remotely via the Internet
  • This Gree Lomo Air Conditioner comes with high density filters to filter more dust and pollen from the air
  • Turbo mode provides maximum airflow and performance for 30 minutes to rapidly cool a room
  • Dry connection for gate card or remote on/off operation, great for schools and hotels
  • Blue Fin coils and an anti corrosive coating on all printed circuit boards help protect the electronics from corrosion
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Product Information

Product Description

Gree Lomo 2.5kW Smart Inverter Air Conditioner with WiFi R410a Refrigerant

Features and Benefits:

  • Smart Generation Wi-Fi control allows you to control the air conditioner from anywhere via the internet
  • "iFeel" remote control for easy operation
  • "iChoose" LED Display shows power, mode and set point and the display can be switched off when it's time to sleep
  • High Density Mini Photocatalytic filters remove more dust and pollen from the air
  • Coil drying function automatically runs the indoor fan for a set period after switching off the air conditioner to prevent mildew build up
  • Soft start software limits the compressor start up current and the low voltage start up provides protection against brown outs and poor power supplies

Performance Specifications:

  • Cooling Capacity: 2.5 kW
  • Heating Capacity: 3.0 kW
  • Cooling Power Input: 0.57 kW
  • Heating Power Input: 0.72 kW
  • AEER: 4.26 W/W
  • ACOP: 4.04 W/W
  • Cooling Energy Stars: 4
  • Heating Energy Stars: 3.5
  • Dehumidifying Volume: 0.8 L/Hr
  • Air Flow Volume (max): 175 L/sec

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 220-240V 50Hz Single Phase
  • Recommended Circuit Breaker: 10A
  • Cooling / Heating: 2.75A / 3.85A
  • Control Wiring: 3 core plus earth (4 cores)

Dimensions and Weight Specifications:

  • Indoor unit size: 845mm W x 289mm H x 209mm D
  • Indoor unit net weight: 10kg
  • Outdoor unit size: 782mm W x 540mm H x 320mm D
  • Outdoor unit net weight: 30kg

Installation Specifications:

  • Operating temperature range: -15 ~ 50 Degrees C
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Refrigerant charge: 0.9kg
  • Max pipe height: 10m
  • Max pipe length: 15m
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