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Leading supplier to the Industrial Gas Industries since 1966

SCE have been a leading supplier to the Industrial Gas Industry since 1966. Our highly experienced team works closely with combustion equipment manufactures and gas fitters to provide safe, efficient, and only the highest quality systems available in Australia.

We supply solutions to the Gas utilisation market. We service the utility sector and provide products and customised solutions suited for Gas transmission and distribution using only the highest quality global bands on the market. 

We offer a wide range of products ranging from pressure regulators to a complete set of devices designed for the whole natural gas value chain, starting from flow meters up to traditional and smart residential meters, through all the intermediate stages.

Gas Valve Trains

SCE builds custom-made gas valve train assemblies for use in burner combustion systems to assist in the safe operation by starting/stopping the flow of fuel into the system and monitoring/regulating the fuel pressure within the system, providing purification, reduction, and regulation of the gas pressure to meet the burner requirements.

In case of any unexpected operating error or parameter limit, the gas train can provide isolation for safety.

Gas Valves & Pressure Regulators

SCE offers a comprehensive range of gas valves and pressure regulators that caters for most pipe sizes with a wide range of pressure capabilities.

Industrial Burners

SCE supply a large range of gas, oil and dual fuel burners for the Industrial combustion Industry, customised for high, medium or low-pressure requirements.

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Kromschröder designs and engineer’s industry leading gas solution products including measurement and regulation, quality measurement, odorization, safety, control and combustion...

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Power and Utilities


Honeywell Eclipse offers a comprehensive range of burners, process air heating recuperators, heat exchangers, and fully engineered combustion systems for industrial heating processes that deliver safe, reliable, efficient, and clean heat...

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Elster Jeavons

Elster Jeavons’ gas pressure regulators meet the highest demands for quality and capacity. Elster Jeavons is a worldwide leader for state-of-the-art gas measurement and regulation and electronic systems...

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